Here are some of the references (websites and books) that we have found helpful and relevant. Please feel free to add and make suggestions by adding a comment below.


The Freeconomy community :

UK Freecylce Network:

SW Freecycle Group:

TTT Skillshare:

Creative Community Devon: (& others…)


Money as Debt Documentary:

Plough and Share local credit union: currency solutions for a wiser world Plugging the Leaks, nef’s (new economics foundation) Local Economies initiative : project to build a new kind of monetary system based on the trust present in our ordinary social and business relationships.



LETSystem Homepage:

Time Banks: Interview with timebanking founder Edgar Cahn : Fureai Kippu (Japanese elder care system)

Local Currencies:

Totnes Pound:

Bristol Pound:



Boyle, M., 2010. The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living, Oneworld.

Bruce H. Lipton & Steve Bhaerman, 2011. Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (and a way to get there from here), Hay House.

Charles Eisenstein, 2011. Sacred Economics: Money, Gift and Society in the Age of Transition, Evolver Editions. Available at:

David Graeber, 2011. Debt: The FIrst 5,000 years, Brooklyn, New York: Melville House Publishing.

Edgar S. Cahn, 2004. No more throw-away people: The Co-Production Imperative – Google Books, Essential Books Ltd.

Edgar S. Cahn & Jonathan Rowe, 1992. Time Dollars: The new currency that enables Americans to turn their hidden resource – time – into personal security and community renewal

Eisenstein, C., 2007. The Ascent of Humanity, Panethea Press.

Lietaer, B.A., 2002. The Future of Money: Creating New Wealth, Work and a Wiser World New ed., Century.

North, P., 2010. Local Money: How to Make it Happen in Your Community, Green Books.

Wilkinson, R. & Pickett, K., 2009. The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone, Allen Lane.

Rockstrom, J., 2009. Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity et al., ed. Ecology and Society, 14(2).



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