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Some of you engaged in initiating the dialogue at the event held on 13th April 2012 in Totnes (more info below and blogs on the home page). The community will be calling a follow up conversation sometime in May.

Watch this space for more information and contact  and/or for further details.



Change the Exchange: Creating Community Connections

Totnes, Devon, UK
Friday 13th April

* Market Stalls and Games 10am-2pm * Workshop and Community Discussion 3-5pm @ Bogan House 

What does a resilient co-operative economy look and feel like? 
What do you have to give or share?
What could you really use?

Come explore, share and learn about existing and potential forms of exchange in a playful way. Through this interactive add-on to Totnes’ Friday Market, we invite you to experience how complimentary forms of exchange – the freeconomy, skill sharing, LETS, Timebanking, the Totnes £ – can meet our diverse community needs in different ways.

Through stories, games, live theatre, conversations and real experiences of exchange, we hope to enrichthe ongoing conversation on how the Totnes area can co-create a truly resilient local economy. Ideas and practical actions towards realizing a thriving polyculture of exchange will be generated in a creative and informative workshop/community discussion following the Friday market.

On Friday 13th April:

  • Find our stalls in the Totnes Friday Market between 10am – 2pm to experiment with different forms of exchange &
  • Join a practical workshop and community discussion at Bogan House, 3 pm – 5pm

This event and ongoing discussion has been a collaboration between members of the Totnes community, Schumacher College, and Transition Town Totnes.

Thanks to everyone who has already contributed and those who will join us in this continuing exploration of how our economy can best serve people and planet.

For questions, contributions, stories, RSVPs and other general musings:




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