Cultivating a polyculture of exchange

By Chris Tittle

an oak tree in the garden

Talking (and writing) about money is an interesting thing. It’s almost always done in relation to its scarcity (“I’d love to (fill in awesome activity), but I can’t really afford to right now”) or its overabundance (“CEO bonuses are (fill in description of disgust/moral outrage)”). Both conversations tend to get negative pretty quick. Language and social customs seem to make it far easier to talk about problems and challenges than comfort and sufficiency.

Money has occupied an increasingly polarized place in personal and public dialogue, as economic hardship continues to disproportionately affect people around the world and financial inequality is exacerbated in even the most ‘developed’ countries.  Such is our common relationship to money that we often forget (or never realized in the first place) that it is ultimately just a social construct, a medium of exchange, a representation of value – and not a concrete and universal…

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3 Responses to Cultivating a polyculture of exchange

  1. maxdalex says:

    Other very good talks of Charles Eisenstein are here Massimo

  2. maxdalex says:

    Another very interesting video of Charles Eisenstein is here

  3. maxdalex says:

    … and the second part is here
    “Money and the Turning of the Age”


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